BARK started in late 2014 from the ashes of Rock N’ Roll band Aguardente. Drummer Ward Van der Straeten and guitarists Rui Da Silva and Martin Furia (ex-Jesus Martyr, Furia) started jamming and laid down the foundation of a new band. Given the nature of the short-rabid songs they were making they decided to call the band BARK. Singer Ron Bruynseels (ex-Hard Resistance) and bassist Jorn Van der Straeten (ex-Your Highness) quickly joined and completed the line up. Given the experience of their members all long time players in the prolific Antwerp Metal Scene the expectations where high and they were met and surpassed. The band swiftly built a reputation on wild live shows and an uncompromised sound. This lead to supporting bands like Sepultura, Life of Agony, Madball, Pro-Pain, Destruction, Sheer Terror, Channel Zero, Evil Invaders, Fleddy Melculy & raging through festivals like Graspop, Roadburn, Zwarte Cross, Alcatraz, Into The Void, Sjock Festival, Fleddypalooza and Antwerp Metal Fest.

Their debut album ‘Voice of Dog’ (2016) got raving reviews from the media in Benelux and was described as “the most rabid release of the year”.
Their second album ‘Like Humans Do’ (2017) was described “as intense but much darker”.

Both albums were recorded and produced by Martin Furia and BARK in Antwerp Music City, Belgium and mixed and mastered by Tue Madsen in Antfarm Studios, Denmark.

After a line up change where Da Silva left to be replaced by guitarist Toon Huet (ex-Bliksem, Furia), the band has recorded their third full-length where the boundaries have been pushed even further, making it an album of extremes, where brutality meets melody in an intense and wild way. Produced and mixed by Martin Furia at Trix and and mastered by Yarne Heylen (Carnation), their third album ‘Written in Stone’ will set the bar at a higher level whilst keeping that vintage BARK spirit: raging riffing, pounding drums and vocal aggression.

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Like Humans Do (2017)
Like Humans Do (2017)
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Voice Of Dog (2016)
Voice Of Dog (2016)
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Bark EP (2015)
Bark EP (2015)
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Ron Bruynseels - vocals
Martin Furia - Guitars
Toon Huet - Guitars
Jorn Van der Straeten - Bass
Ward Van der Straeten - Drums


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