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Guitarist, Producer, Sound Engineer in Studio and Live - Antwerp, Belgium


Prices 2024

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- 250 Euros por SINGLE (Mix y Master) hasta 5 minutos

- 275 Euros por SINGLE (Mix y Master) mas de 5 minutos hasta 10 minutos

- 300 Euros por SINGLE (Mix y Master) hasta 10 minutos.

Includes 2 revissions.

For EP's or full albums we make a deal to be tailored for the Artist.


I work in Cubase, if the sessions are in that program you can send them separated by song in a zipped file via WeTransfer, put them in a Google Drive or any similar service, or I can send you a link to my Google Drive for you to upload them.

If the sessions are in any other program

Please consolidate all files from 00:00 in WAV or AIFF, 16, 24, or 32 bits, I prefer 44.1 kHz, but I can also work with 48 kHz.

When naming the tracks/audio files, use ALL CAPS, titles without spaces, and use the same track names for all tracks in different sessions that are the same. (KICKIN, KICKOUT, SNTOP, SNBOT, T1, T2, GTRL, GTRR, etc.)


Please don't leave tracks in the session that are not supposed to be used.


If you consolidate the files do it without fades.


Make sure all files are in the session!




Revisions must be clear and precise; there's no need to write a novel.

Specify the minute and second of the song where the correction is needed.

For example:

CORRECT: “The guitar solo at 03:22 needs to be louder/more treble/softer,” etc.

INCORRECT: “My part in the second verse after the biribiri doesn't excite me like it did in rehearsal.” Revisions should be sent via email to with all observations from all members of the group at once.

Do NOT send part of the feedback and say, “We're waiting for feedback from X band member, but you can start looking at this.”.

Once the artist approves the final mix and master, no further modifications can be made.


Mastering is the final step before an album can be released. The mastering process is a method to maximize the potential of a mix across various audio configurations. The process can be completely different depending on the format you want to use to distribute your music, such as CD, Vinyl, or multiple digital formats.

Includes DDP File for CD replication (REQUIRES ISRC CODE!!!)

16-bit mp3 mastering 16-bit WAV mastering for CD, iTunes, YouTube, Spotify



- 70 Euros per individual song (up to 4 songs, intros not included as songs)

- 500 Euros for mastering up to 10 songs or 45 minutes, includes 1 revision.


24-bit WAV mastering for vinyl

-80 Euros extra for the entire album.

Once the artist approves the final mix and master, no further modifications can be made.


The production process includes an evaluation of the composition, arrangements, choice of sound elements, lyrics review, etc. It is the most creative part of the entire process. It involves conceptualizing the music, writing/reviewing the lyrics, and composing.



- 50 Euros per hour.


For Bass and Guitar.


- 15 Euros per track until 5 minutes.

- 20 Euros per track from 5 till 10 minutes.

- 30 Euros per track more than 10 minutes.


-50% before starting the work.

-50% after the final work is approved.

Via PayPal (additional costs borne by the client)

Western Union (additional costs borne by the client)

Bank Transfer (additional costs borne by the client)

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Thanks for submitting!

Desde 2006 trabajo tanto en estudio como en audio en vivo. Con pasión y un enfoque personal, me comprometo a entregar exactamente lo que necesita a tiempo, siempre. He trabajado con algunos de los mejores en la industria en todo el mundo. Cuando se trata de sus necesidades únicas, haré todo lo posible para asegurarme de que todo suene bien. Escríbeme y cuéntame sobre tu proyecto. Estoy aquí para responder a sus preguntas y planificar su próxima aventura sonora.

Martin Furia es patrocinado por Dean Guitars, MLC Amps, sE Electronics Microphones, EMG Pickups, Klirrton Guitar Pedals, ENKI USA Guitar Cases, PickMe Picks, Rammeloo Guitar, The Black Manthra Leatherworks.

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